Flexible, vendor neutral, cloud storage architecture leveraged by unique vertical cloud solutions

AUSTIN, Texas, March 29, 2012 — Caringo, the leading provider of object storage software, today announced that three organizations have recently adopted the Caringo Object Storage Platform powered by CAStor® to provide cloud storage services targeted towards the archiving, medical and real estate industries.

DiVault recently introduced a cloud service for digital archiving built on CAStor that enables massive scalability and future-proof accessibility of unstructured data. DiVault’s new digital archiving service uses Caringo’s object storage software to guarantee the continuity, safety and security of data for organizations looking for a better way to structure, organize, store, search and retrieve their growing volume of digital information.

PeakeSecure™ is a medical cloud storage service built on CAStor and has the capacity to become the central, secure storage repository of digital records for 330 million people across the United States. CAStor was chosen for superior data protection while maintaining system responsiveness for large data sets. In addition, Peake is leveraging Darkive™, Caringo’s adaptive power conservation technology that allows the CPU and disks within the array to spin up or down as access patterns to data changes, resulting in a huge savings on operational and energy costs.

Nederlandse Vereniging van Makelaars, the largest association of real estate agents and experts in the Netherlands in collaboration with Mirabeau, a Caringo technology partner, are using CAStor as the foundation of an online repository of real estate images and transactions from 1985 to present. CAStor was chosen because it provides a cost-effective, scalable and highly-available solution for storage and delivery of the more than 25 million images – growing at 30,000 per day. As a result of the cost savings Caringo delivered, NVM can now increase the number of images stored, including support for high-resolution images for print or higher-quality transcoding, and expand its business by offering its central database to other real estate organizations suffering from outdated libraries.

“Our platform is the ideal solution for IT departments and service providers in any industry looking for a solid foundation for their cloud storage services,” said Mark Goros, Chief Executive Officer at Caringo. “While all three services we highlighted are targeted at different markets they all benefit from the scalability, ease of management, data protection and cost effectiveness our object storage software delivers.”

About Caringo

Caringo is the global leader in object storage and developer of the Caringo Object Storage Platform powered by CAStor – software that enables massive scalability and future-proof accessibility of unstructured data. Caringo object storage enables cloud storage solutions, big data repositories and general storage infrastructure replacing NAS, tape and VTL. Our field-proven technology utilizes any combination of x86 server hardware to build boundless storage solutions accessible via HTTP.