AUSTIN, Texas, September 30, 2014 — Caringo® today announced that it is exhibiting its comprehensive approach to software-defined object storage, Caringo Swarm™, in Booth No. 1242 of the Gartner Symposium/ITXpo 2014 in Orlando, Florida October 5-9.

Caringo Swarm slashes the complexity of legacy storage while ensuring data is protected and accessible from any application, location or device. Swarm turns standard hardware into a reliable pool of shared resources while supporting all major cloud, file and storage protocols for instant access and analysis.

The upcoming ITxpo, now sold out, educates IT leaders on the conditions driving digital business – and those drivers are undoubtedly data growth and data protection. Swarm is the only way to ensure uncomplicated scaling of capacity and throughput, while eliminating the complexity associated with legacy storage systems. Swarm is the only object storage software offering resilience and durability through erasure coding and replication with the ability to dynamically change data protection schemes without user intervention, enabling the alignment of data value with storage costs as those values change. This provides the unsurpassed flexibility, robustness, performance and protection that other vendors cannot match.

“CIOs and senior IT execs are tasked to optimize their budget while increasing the utilization of data not only for current use cases but also for future monetization and analysis,” said Adrian J. Herrera, Vice President Marketing of Caringo. “Our focus for nearly a decade has been solving these issues by developing the industry’s most resilient, highly automated storage software that leverages emergent behavior and massive parallelism to handle any rate, flow or size of unstructured information. We look forward to showing Gartner Symposium/ITxpo attendees how Caringo Swarm can help them.”

Attendees interested in meeting with Caringo representatives at Gartner Symposium/ITXpo can send an email to or a direct message on twitter @CaringoStorage.

About Caringo

Caringo ensures data is available when and where needed. Its Software-defined Object Storage Solution, Caringo Swarm, turns standard hardware into a reliable pool of resources that adapts to any workload or use case while offering a foundation for new data services. Caringo is helping organizations of every size by eliminating the complexity of legacy storage while ensuring data is accessible from any application or device.