The ExecEvent, SANTA CLARA, Calif., September 14, 2011 — Caringo Inc. – the market leader in object storage software, and Coraid Inc. – the leading developer of Ethernet SAN solutions, today announced the industry’s first unified storage infrastructure for scale-out block and object storage. The combined solution provides customers with unrivaled operational flexibility by integrating the scalability and ease of management of object storage with elastic, high-performance Ethernet SAN storage. The Caringo-Coraid solution is ideally suited for cloud computing, large enterprises, video and “big data” environments that are struggling with the growth of unstructured data.

Combined, Coraid EtherDrive™ storage arrays and Caringo’s CAStor™ object storage enable customers to build a scale-out pool of shared storage, with powerful software features for multi-tenant management across multiple sites. Software applications and private cloud storage solutions enabled by Caringo can now use shared block storage from Coraid, including powerful RESTful automation of storage provisioning. Caringo has integrated the ATA over Ethernet (AoE) open standard into its platform, taking advantage of massively parallel Ethernet for high-performance connectivity to a pool of Coraid EtherDrive arrays. In contrast to complex and expensive storage solutions based on Fibre Channel and iSCSI, the joint solution delivers an elastic, automated cloud architecture that can scale out economically to handle petabytes of data, with the simplicity of direct-attached storage (DAS).

“Together, Coraid and Caringo are changing the economics of large-scale data storage,” said Kevin Brown, CEO of Coraid. “Our Ethernet SAN technology offers a 5-10x price/performance advantage over legacy storage, while radically simplifying the deployment and management of these environments. Caringo has integrated with Coraid using the open-standard AoE protocol, adding a layer of powerful object storage management features that are ideal for handling massive pools of unstructured data.”

“Caringo’s CAStor software is perfectly suited to handle unstructured data, and the integration of our platform with Coraid’s scale-out Ethernet SAN delivers a compelling mix of price-performance, simplicity and scalability,” said Mark Goros, CEO at Caringo. “Combining the two technologies to offer a unified solution, while retaining the inherent benefits of each, means that businesses now have the flexibility to choose the best storage method with almost no impact to operational resources. We’re thrilled to partner with Coraid in launching just such a solution.”

The joint Caringo-Coraid solution is available immediately. Caringo CEO Mark Goros and Coraid CEO Kevin Brown are appearing together at The ExecEvent in Santa Clara, CA, and will be presenting on the Disruptive Technologies panel on Thursday, September 15, 2011 at 3:45pm.

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About Caringo

Caringo is the global leader in object storage solutions and developer of CAStor – software that enables massive scalability and future-proof accessibility of unstructured data. The company’s field-proven technology utilizes commodity hardware to build robust and boundless storage solutions accessible via HTTP and natively integrated into a huge ecosystem of market leading ISVs including data management applications from CommVault and Veritas. CAStor enables cloud storage solutions, big data repositories and general storage infrastructure replacing NAS, tape and VTL. Companies of all sizes can now avoid vendor lock-in, reduce costs, and guarantee data accessibility for decades to come. Caringo has over 400 customers ranging from SMBs to Fortune 500 companies.