AUSTIN, Texas, August 24, 2011 – Caringo Inc. today announced that CEO Mark Goros will discuss how its object storage software – CAStor disrupts the way corporations store content by eliminating traditional file systems that slow down performance, add layers of complexity and make storage of unstructured data expensive. Goros will be participating in a panel discussion on “Disruptive Technologies” at the ExecEvent, a unique technology networking and business development-only event, at the Network Meeting Center in Santa Clara, Calif. September 15th at 3:45 p.m.

Caringo CAStor is the market leader in object storage – one of the storage industry’s most disruptive technologies that is:

Exposing the inefficiency of file systems – File systems enable interoperability between storage systems, applications and OSs but come with a lot of operational inefficiencies. In order to truly scale storage systems at the rate required by the relentless growth of content, data must be stored as objects instead of broken into blocks. This is the main tenant of object storage.

Offering more reliable data integrity than RAID – When RAID was developed HD capacities were in the MB or GB range, now that there are TB drives, RAID has reached its limits, with unacceptable rebuild times, increasing the risk of data loss. Object storage utilizes replication and automated management to ensure data integrity at any scale.

Providing breakthrough economics and low power consumption – CAStor can run on any mix of x86 server hardware utilizing any size and combination of HDs. In addition, Caringo is also the only object storage software with built in adaptive energy conservation functionality, Darkive™, that intelligently spins down disk and CPU which can save 30% or more in energy consumption.

“There is no more disruptive technology in storage today than object-based storage,” said Goros. “The ability to store digital content from its creation to expiration without the limitations of RAID, the need for backup and high cost of traditional storage systems makes CAStor the de facto replacement for outdated file systems of yesteryear. CAStor makes content storage affordable, scalable, fast and easy. I look forward to engaging the audience at the ExecEvent with how they can dramatically improve their storage infrastructure with the adoption of this disruptive and revolutionary technology.”

In addition to his Disruptive Technologies panel participation, Goros is also speaking as part of the Object Storage in the Cloud panel at the ExecEvent at 1:15 p.m. September 15th. Moderated by Andrew Reichman of Forrester, company executives from some of the top object storage vendors will describe their approach to object storage and why it makes sense for cloud storage. Mark will be sharing some enticing new developments in CAStor that differentiate it from all other object storage systems.

The ExecEvent is focused on the hottest new technologies with the highest visibility and potential for revenues, including cloud, virtualization, object-based storage and solid state. A new panel, specifically geared to disruptive technologies, is a must attend for attendees to hear about the ones most likely to make a difference in 2011 and beyond. In addition to the informative presentations, there is ample time to meet, share information and form relations with top-level executives over cocktails and dinners. Registration details and updates are available online at

About Caringo

Caringo is the global leader in object storage solutions and developer of CAStor – software that enables massive scalability and future-proof accessibility of unstructured data. The company’s field-proven technology utilizes commodity hardware to build robust and boundless storage solutions accessible via HTTP and natively integrated into a huge ecosystem of market leading ISVs including data management applications from CommVault and Veritas. CAStor enables cloud storage solutions, big data repositories and general storage infrastructure replacing NAS, tape and VTL. Companies of all sizes can now avoid vendor lock-in, reduce costs, and guarantee data accessibility for decades to come. Caringo has over 400 customers ranging from SMBs to Fortune 500 companies.