Free, CAStor software and 4TB license key available to Veritas users

AUSTIN, Texas, Sept 7, 2010 — Caringo Inc., the leading provider of content storage software enabling distributed storage for digital content, today announced the successful integration of its CAStor object-based storage software with Veritas Enterprise Vault 9.0 API. Caringo is now offering Enterprise Vault users 4 terabytes of fully functional CAStor software for free to use with Veritas Enterprise Vault 9.0 to deduplicate and archive content on less costly storage platforms.

Enterprise Vault 9.0 enables users to store, manage and discover unstructured information across the organization. The industry leader in content archiving and e-discovery, Enterprise Vault helps customers by deduplicating archived content at the source to reduce costs, delete information confidently and discover information efficiently. When used in conjunction with CAStor, customers can use off-the-shelf, commodity server hardware to manage and store mission-critical fixed content, seamlessly scaling as the business grows. CAStor offers a simple, scalable, cost effective, compliant combination with Enterprise Vault.

“Enterprise Vault empowers customers to deduplicate and archive information to less costly storage, providing quick and easy access to this information when needed,” said Simon Jelley, Sr. director of product management, Information Management Group, Veritas. “By including a connector to storage solutions like CAStor, we continue to offer our customers options on how they can best store, manage and discover unstructured information across the organization helping them to reduce costs, minimize time-consuming management and efficiently discover information regardless of where it resides.”

CAStor automates configuration, migration and distribution of content and during operations, self-manages, heals and load balances to provide the lowest cost of ownership. CAStor automatically saves power and cooling with its adaptive green Darkive™. Data integrity and authentication are built into the architecture for compliance and common sense information protection.

“CAStor was designed to be simple, reliable, affordable and flexible and by partnering with Veritas to offer a connector to our object-based storage software, we are positioned to deliver compelling, value-add storage solutions for Veritas Enterprise Vault,” said Mark Goros, Chief Executive Officer at Caringo. “We believe CAStor provides the simplest, most cost-effective storage option for Enterprise Vault and we want to encourage users to download CAStor from CaringoConnect. The combined benefits of CAStor and Enterprise Vault help ensure data integrity for the life of the content regardless of where it resides within the storage infrastructure.”

Caringo invites Enterprise Vault 9.0 users to try CAStor for free by downloading the fully functional CAStor software and a 4TB license key.

About Caringo

Caringo Inc. is a leading provider of object based storage software emphasizing content integrity, availability, performance, distribution and scalability at very low levels of TCO. CAStor has been field-hardened since 2006 and leverages the customer’s choice of commodity hardware to build a robust storage cluster that dramatically improves the scope and economics of corporate content storage. Founded on the operating principle that things should be made as simple as possible and a customer-first focus, Caringo makes object based storage affordable, scalable, fast and easy.