AUSTIN, Texas, May 21, 2013 — Caringo®, the leading provider of object storage software, today announced its support for the recently announced Citrix CloudPortal™ Business Manager 2.0. Caringo seamlessly integrates as a CloudPortal Business Manager connector and empowers organizations with just-in-time cloud storage infrastructure, robust features and broad protocol support, reducing time to market and simplifying ongoing cloud storage service delivery.

Citrix CloudPortal Business Manager helps companies of all types and sizes build a profitable cloud business by moving beyond the traditional Infrastructure-as-a-Service model to one that also includes applications, workloads and services accessed through a simple, self-service catalog. Combined, the cloud service orchestration abilities in CloudPortal Business Manager and Caringo’s object storage software enable any enterprise or service provider to deliver a massively scalable cloud storage service that is easy to manage and expand. The cloud storage service solution optimizes operational costs and significantly reduces management resources to save time and money. Caringo’s object storage software is Citrix Ready® Cloud Verified. The Citrix Ready designation is awarded to third-party products that have successfully met verification criteria set by Citrix, and gives Caringo customers an added confidence in the compatibility of the joint solution offering.

“Our goal with CloudPortal Business Manager 2.0 was to enable businesses to manage and deliver cloud services beyond IaaS,” said Sameer Dholakia, Group VP and GM, Cloud Platforms Group, Citrix. “Caringo is a great example of the next-generation cloud services that are now being brokered by CloudPortal Business Manager for our customers who are on the path to true IT-as-a-Service. The combined solution enables rapid deployment of cloud storage services that are differentiated with Caringo’s enterprise feature sets, leveraging their ease of management and excellent hardware efficiency to enable cloud builders to deliver cloud storage services as a profitable business.”

Caringo object storage software provides Citrix CloudPortal Business Manager 2.0 users with:

Self-service, point-and-click deployment – The combined solution delivers point-and-click storage-as-a-service (STaaS) with subscriptions that can be customized to deliver different content protection levels, predefined quotas, integrated user authentication, authorization and full billing support.

Easy-to-manage, no-downtime expansion – Caringo software boots from bare metal with absolutely no provisioning or storage balancing – simply rack and stack a new server, boot up and capacity is automatically available.

Continuous data protection; eliminate RAID and backups – Caringo offers replication and erasure coding data protection schemes that can be customized to offer any storage service level agreement while reducing datacenter footprint and costs by up to 60% when compared to 3 replica-based protection schemes.

Access via any protocol (including S3 API support) – Caringo now offers native S3 API support in addition to, a RESTful HTTP 1.1 interface, and multiple gateways that offer SMB, NFS, FTP, WebDAV, and POSIX compliant access to Caringo object storage.

Reduce CAPEX and OPEX – Significantly reduce datacenter footprint with up to 98 percent useable hard drive capacity and reduce power utilization by up to 35 percent with Darkive™ – Caringo’s adaptive power conservation functionality the can spin down drives and conserve CPU utilization.

Demonstrate governance and compliance – Caringo is the only software-based object storage solution to offer both WORM and Integrity Seals enabling the ability to prove for evidentiary purposes that content has not been tampered with.

“Caringo has worked hard to ensure that our integration into Citrix products makes IT managers’ jobs easier – from initial deployment through multi-petabyte expansion,” said Mark Goros, CEO of Caringo. “Our difference is experience, which we have used to refine our object storage software over the past 6 years. When paired with a robust cloud service orchestration like Citrix CloudPortal Business Manager, enterprises are able to rapidly deliver a cloud storage service to their employees, business units or partners, while service providers can offer a cloud storage service more robust than Amazon S3.”

For a limited time, Caringo is offering 50 percent off the first 500 Terabytes for Citrix CloudPortal Business Manager 2.0 users. Details can be found at /citrix.

About Caringo

Caringo develops object storage software that combines ease of management, intelligent automation and elastic content protection transforming commodity servers into massively scalable, fault tolerant, cloud storage infrastructure. Caringo enables Enterprises and Service Providers to control the volume, velocity and variability of unstructured information associated with active archives, Big Data, private cloud storage and public cloud storage. For more information visit