Ecosystem Dedicated to the Promise of Hyper-Efficient Servers

Program Kicks Off with Autonomic Resources, Canonical, Caringo, Couchbase, Datastax, Eucalyptus Systems, Gluster, Momentum SI, Opscode, and Pervasive Software; Calxeda Selects Ubuntu as the Operating System for Launching its ARM Servers

AUSTIN, Texas, June 14, 2011 — Calxeda, the company solving the datacenter energy crisis with hyper-efficient processors, today launched its Trailblazer Initiative, with founding members who focus on cloud computing and “Big Data” scalable analytic solutions. Trailblazer is a program that will open up the Calxeda technology to industry players, hardware companies, systems integrators, datacenter end users, and ISV (software) partners, some of whom are announced today.

At Trailblazer launch, Calxeda is pleased to announce Autonomic Resources, Canonical, Caringo, Couchbase, Datastax, Eucalyptus Systems, Gluster, Momentum SI, Opscode and Pervasive as inaugural members of the program. See other releases also issued today on additional initial Calxeda Trailblazer members, with further announcements following over time.

Trailblazer partners will work with Calxeda to accelerate characterization and adoption of hyper-efficient servers, creating an ecosystem that will benefit end users by delivering complete solutions faster. Since its August 2010 funding and launch, Calxeda has created significant industry interest in its ARM-based servers. With Trailblazer, Calxeda is reacting to demand from customers and partners to get its chips into servers and datacenters, the first step being access to early silicon for Proof of Concept testing.

“We see Trailblazer as a critical step in the evolution of this marketplace, and are thrilled by the support we are receiving from the community to help it materialize, ” said Barry Evans, Calxeda’s CEO. “The datacenter energy crisis is real, and the faster we can help our system vendors and partners get complete solutions in our customers’ hands, the faster we can help them save money, and reduce their energy consumption and carbon footprint.”

Calxeda will provide Trailblazer partners and end users with early access to hardware, operating system software, tools, applications and joint sales and marketing. Software partner and end user Trailblazers will also benefit from Calxeda technical expertise, and get updates on valuable benchmarking and technical information as the technology matures.

Founding members of the Trailblazer Initiative include:

  • Autonomic Resources, a US Government cloud provider
  • Canonical, the Ubuntu sponsor
  • Caringo, a Cloud Storage Software leader
  • Couchbase, the simple, fast, elastic NoSQL Database Company
  • Datastax, provider of Enterprise Cassandra and Hadoop support solutions and products
  • Eucalyptus Systems, with its on-premise cloud computing software platform
  • Gluster’s open source scalable storage software
  • Momentum SI, the IT Transformation Services leader
  • Opscode, a leader in Cloud Infrastructure Automation
  • Pervasive, with its Datarush big data preparation and analytics accelerator

These companies will be among the first to receive and test Calxeda technology, and in turn will support end-user customers’ evaluation of the Calxeda system in areas such as cloud hosting, web serving, application serving, Big Data analytics, and distributed caching. Initial Trailblazer members will soon be evaluating application requirements, configuring systems and estimating the energy savings datacenters can expect to realize.

“We are proud that Ubuntu has been chosen as the operating system to launch the Calxeda Trailblazer Initiative,” said Canonical CEO Jane Silber. “We have been working with Calxeda and have been developing Ubuntu Server to run on ARM servers for some time now. This program further aligns our organisations and will help companies and projects looking to build the hyper-efficient datacentres of tomorrow.”

Companies interested in joining the Calxeda Trailblazer Initiative will find an application form at First public partners are primarily software developers and systems integrators. Moving forward, Calxeda will announce first hardware members, and will continue sharing Trailblazer companies over time.

About Calxeda

Founded in January 2008, Calxeda brings unseen performance density to the data center on a very attractive power foot print by leveraging ultra-low power processors as used on mobile phones as a foundation for its revolutionary technology. Calxeda will make it possible for data center managers to increase the density of their computer resources while significantly reducing the need for power, space and cooling. At the same time, Calxeda technology will contribute to the reduction of the CO2 footprint of the data center in a significant way. Calxeda is funded by a unique syndicate comprising industry leading venture capital firms and semiconductor innovators, including ARM, Advanced Technology Investment Company (ATIC), Battery Ventures, Flybridge Capital Partners and Highland Capital Partners. See for more information.