Union Solutions StorPoint™ provides a scalable ‘pay as you go’ model of on-demand cloud storage that significantly reduces the costs associated with traditional storage while providing extremely high guaranteed service levels.

Union Solution and Caringo working together to provide Storage on Demand

Union Solutions is an expert at delivering virtualized data center infrastructures and cloud based solutions. By Integrating the Caringo Swarm™ Object Storage into their StorPoint™ solution, Union Solutions delivers a ‘pay as you go’ model of cloud storage that is highly scalable and secure.

The StorPoint™ Standard Edition provides online content storage in the cloud that is ideally suited to storing unstructured data that can be accessed directly via HTTP/HTTPs or through any of the numerous third party applications that natively integrate, such as Veritas Enterprise Vault 9. This has the huge added benefit of being able to reduce your onsite data storage requirements and related costs without compromising existing functionality, security or access.

Simple Charging

StorPoint™ uses a simple pricing model, a fixed cost for each GB of storage consumed and bandwidth utilized. There are no hidden or concealed charges and no capital costs.

Key Features and Benefits

Union Solutions + Caringo cloud storage StorPoint™ is a scalable ‘pay as you go’ service that reduces costs associated with storage while providing a guaranteed service level.

  • Fully managed and monitored by Union Solutions
  • Online storage management reporting
  • Simple pricing model
  • No additional hardware cost
  • Accessible from any internet or private connection
  • Data fully encrypted during transfer
  • Customer defined storage policies
  • Use as much or as little storage as you want
  • Store file and media of any size
  • RESTful API enables direct developer access
  • SEC17a4 compliant
  • ISO 27001 certified

Ongoing support

StorPoint™ is a fully managed service from Union Solutions. We believe in providing the highest level of support to our customers with agreed SLA’s for quality of service. Our support team is always available to take calls from our customers and our support desk is active 24/7, 365 days a year.

StorPoint™ has a number of valuable editions which can be purchased on top of the standard edition to further reduce cost and deliver additional functionality. These include:

  • File Share Edition: enables access to your cloud storage with SMB, Webdav or FTP
  • File Archive Edition: archive files directly from your existing file systems
  • Microsoft® SharePoint® 2007 Edition