StorageTeam is a Caringo partner that specializes in data management with guaranteed compliance, flexibility and ease of use. They have developed a process that actively migrates and moves data, with the required controls and processes needed to ensure compliance and integrity, from EMC Centera to Caringo Swarm.

StorageTeam solution

Migrate Off Of Centera

There are several challenges faced when migrating data from Centera to another storage platform. From proprietary API’s to compliance requirements and integrity checks, these complexities often lead organizations to leave their data locked in Centera. The solution is a managed migration to Caringo Swarm overseen by the experts at Storage Team leading to the following business benefits:

  • Compliance driven by the fully managed and controlled migration process by the Storage Team combined with Caringo Swarm’s robust compliance features.
  • Highly flexible data protection policies allowing you to set protection policies on the value of data.
  • Cost effective storage enabled by the ability to install Swarm on your choice of standard hardware that you can continuously evolve while ensuring data integrity and instant accessibility.