STEALTH Content Store for Microsoft® SharePoint® is a seamless integrated SharePoint Content Store solution for external storage and cloud storage. STEALTH Software extends the value and performance of Microsoft SharePoint while optimizing storage and server resources.

Microsoft® SharePoint® content store by STEALTH

Stealth Effectively managing digital content in an organization has become mission critical now that much of today’s intellectual property and business activities are captured in files or unstructured data. Microsoft® SharePoint® is enabling companies to cost-effectively address the challenges of managing this content whether at the enterprise level or across small and mid-size businesses. Many deployments consume as much as 80% of their SQL Server storage just to store these unstructured files. This creates issues such as lengthening backup and recovery times as well as impacting database performance.

Store objects in Swarm instead of your SQL database

SharePoint Swarm storage solution

STEALTH Content Store for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 for Swarm is used for storing BLOBs (binary large objects) also referred to as unstructured data instead of storing it in a SQL Server database. The integrated solution delivers the performance, scalability, and reliability companies require for their MOSS implementations. Organizations of varying sizes can ease the pressure on the SQL Server database by storing content in a Swarm cluster that can start at as little as 1TB and seamlessly grow to petabytes depending on capacity needs.

Business Benefits

  • Improve Database Performance — Reduce storage capacity in the SQL Server by storing unstructured content externally improves database performance and reliability.
  • Faster Backup and Recovery — Reduce SQL Server database footprint to improve backup/recovery times and ensure content protection.
  • Manage Regulatory Requirements. — Address corporate governance and regulatory requirements from the application through storage and archiving.
  • Reduce Storage and Storage Handling Costs — Reduce storage costs by utilizing standard server hardware with Swarm for content storage, resulting in a direct ROI.