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NetGovern has integrated Swarm content storage software in its award-winning NetGovern™ platform – a comprehensive email management platform that helps hundreds of organizations worldwide eliminate complexity, ensure compliance, and enhance productivity by fully managing the information lifecycle of their Messaging and Collaboration systems – from the moment content is created until its end-of-life destruction.

NetGovern Archive reduces Microsoft Exchange’s storage by up to 80%.

NetGovern’s Dynamic Attachment Deduplication™ gets old, oversized or unwanted attachments off your Exchange DAGs and onto low-cost storage that never, ever needs to be backed up. And the process is completely transparent to your end users. Mailbox sizes will automagically shrink, server backups will get done in 1/3 of the time and you can actually start performing live snapshots of your Exchange servers for High Availability.

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Download NetGovern the test Virtual Machine. NetGovern Archive – Simple!

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