Data Service Enablement infrastructure management universal access search archiveCaringo Swarm on Microsoft Azure brings file storage into the Cloud Age—enabling rapid deployment of highly reliable, scalable and compliant storage in any of Azure’s worldwide network of managed data centers.

Keeping Up With Your Fast-Paced Business

Caringo Swarm on Azure offers advanced capabilities over the standard Azure storage, with the added benefit of S3 compatibility to deliver an instant global infrastructure for your enterprise.

Business Benefits

For Enterprises

  • Limitless tier of object storage for consolidation of files from all file servers.
  • Transfer of data from Amazon S3 to Azure while maintaining application interoperability.
  • Web-based portal for search and administration.

For Developers

  • Instant interoperability for S3 integrated applications.
  • Complete RESTful API for storage and management.

Simple, Bulletproof, Limitless

Simple—Easily Keep Up with File Storage and Access Needs

  • Rapid deployment of disaster recovery sites globally
  • Automated tiering of files from filers without changing mount points or work flows

Bulletproof—Your Files Are Protected and Will Be There When You Need Them

  • Flexible protection with lifetime durability
  • Compliance, WORM, integrity seals, and legal hold

Limitless—Designed for the Cloud Age and Beyond…

  • Universal access, including S3, across multiple sites and protocols
  • Available Hadoop integration (Apache, Hortonworks, Cloudera)

Caringo Swarm on Microsoft Azure
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