Caringo Swarm is Dell’s proven petabyte+ storage solution

Dell + Caringo Object Storage Caringo’s latest generation of object storage is available across the full spectrum of Dell servers. The full suite of Caringo object storage software is available online through Dell’s software fulfillment process, backed by Caringo’s pre-sales, sales and services expertise. Standard configurations and full customization will be possible with Dell’s extensive line of x86 server and networking products. Dell customers benefit from the increased flexibility, and additional functionality offered through the expanded software suite.

Software appliance for hardware-independent object storage software

A software appliance delivery method offers a broader selection of hardware to meet a broader range of needs from cloud storage to active archive applications. With increasing volume of customers and the relentless growth of data, this expanded offering takes advantage of Caringo’s software flexibility and the full spectrum of Dell servers. A software appliance option provides software-based, hardware-independent object storage software over hardware-based object storage systems.

Existing Dell DX customer support

The new software appliance model replaces the single hardware DX6000 platform previously offered by Dell. Because of Caringo’s unique architectural characteristics, all investments in existing appliances will be protected; new hardware and software can be added at any time with no forklift upgrades or data migration required with full access to options unavailable on the DX6000.

  • City of Austin Case Study

    City of Austin Nabs a Caringo Object Storage System for Business-critical Architecture

    Intelligent file management infrastructure. Successfully managing file sprawl to reduce complexity.

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