CommVault® Simpana® software integrated with Caringo’s Swarm unified storage solution provides a long term data retention and management solution. This integrated solution simplifies data management and lowers storage costs associated with legal and regulatory compliance. With Simpana and Swarm, you get built in and automated features for replication, policy management, backup and disaster recovery using a single architecture to manage all enterprise locations. This integrated solution eliminates the need for multiple functional products, different interfaces and numerous data sets typically needed for compliance archiving and its required storage.

File, Email, and SharePoint® Archiving

Simpana and Swarm offer the most complete data management and object storage solution backed by a cloud architecture. Always maintain the flexibility to run on any standard x86 servers of your choice, cost or business mandate. Together, Simpana and Swarm offer an end to end solution to overcome today’s content management and storage challenges.

Maintain compliance and reduce risk

CommVault Simpana software and Caringo’s Swarm object storage solution reduces risks associated with compliant and regulatory data with a cost effective, high scalable and easy to manage integrated solution.

Business Benefits

  • De-duplicate and archive digital data to cost effective storage on your choice of standard x86 servers.
  • Reduce management and operational costs for storage regardless of geographic location.
  • Use built in and automated data retention and deletion to enforce corporate governance.
  • Minimize redundant data with integrated global de-duplication.
  • Store all backup and archive data in a single storage cluster.
  • Manage, monitor, track and report on storage usage from a single management console.

Commvault and Caringo