Caringo Swarm is now natively integrated with the Perfect Search Appliance (PSA) providing mutual customers with a solution for the precise search of objects stored in Caringo object storage software (Swarm). Perfect Search The Perfect Search Appliance (PSA) indexes the metadata and content of each object as it is stored, keeps track of the locators for each piece of data and provides precise hits as to where the query was found to enable immediate click through to the document, image, backup or file.

Boundless object storage paired with rapid enterprise search

Perfect Search brings new search capabilities to the storage market never before offered. Others have provided the ability to search limited metadata, but no one has before offered a highly-scalable, cost-effective solution that allows a user to search not only the catalog information, but also the actual contents of the files stored.

Accurate results over billions of objects

Utilizing metadata, or the contents of the objects being stored, the combined solution enables the search of petabytes or even exabytes of data in under a second, instead of minutes or hours.