From an end-user’s perspective, the benefits of cloud storage are clear. The on- demand, pay-as-you-go, endless capacity characteristics are extremely attractive. However, service providers and IT administrators are now tasked with enabling these “benefits” as a service. Caringo has partnered with Citrix to bring the power and robust feature set of the industry leading object storage software to Citrix’s broad range of cloud orchestration and service enablement products.

CloudPortal Business Manager

Point-and-click Deployment of Cloud Storage Service

Citrix CloudPortal Business Manager is a cloud services delivery platform for self-service IT that unifies and simplifies the delivery, operational, commerce and user management aspects of a cloud. Integrated using a Citrix CloudPortal Business Manager Connector, Caringo object storage software simplifies cloud storage service delivery. The combined solution delivers point-and-click storage-as-a-service (STaaS) with subscriptions that can be customized to deliver different content protection levels, predefined quotas, integrated Citrix CloudPortal Business Manager user authentication, authorization and full Citrix CloudPortal Business Manager billing support.


Control and easily manage massively scalable, secure cloud storage

  • Rapidly deliver a cloud storage service to your employees, business units or partners
  • Provide a simple self-service catalogue for point-and-click provisioning
  • Ensure compliance and security from user management to storage access
  • Seamlessly integrates with your other Citrix CloudPortal Business Manager services

Service Providers

Offer a cloud storage service more robust than Amazon S3

  • Differentiate cloud storage services by offering customizable SLAs, compliance and governance features
  • Decrease storage operating costs with an industry-leading 98% disk utilization and adaptive power conservation technology
  • Reduce complexity by combining Citrix CloudPortal Business Manager service and user management with Caringo plug-and-play scale

CloudPlatform powered by Apache CloudStack

Easy to Manage, Scalable Storage for Cloud Orchestration

Citrix CloudPlatform, powered by Apache CloudStack, is the industry’s only future-proofed, application-centric cloud solution proven to reliably orchestrate both cloud-native workloads such as BigData or webscale applications as well as existing enterprise workloads such as database-driven applications within a single unified cloud management platform. Caringo object storage software can be used as a massively scalable, easy to manage repository for ISOs, Templates and snapshots.

  • Simple integration – Use the Caringo CloudScaler’s S3 API or Citrix CloudPlatform’s S3 API to write directly to Caringo Swarm.
  • Easy to manage and scale – 1 general system administrator can manage over 10 petabytes of Caringo storage. Caringo software boots from bare metal and there is absolutely no provisioning. Simply plug in new servers and the capacity as automatically added and available.
  • Reduce cloud storage infrastructure costs – Leverage up to 98% disk utilization and adaptive power conservation that can reduce power and cooling up to 80%.
  • Enterprise features – Supports replication and erasure coding data protection, active and passive recovery, automated data lifecycle management, WORM and guaranteed data integrity.