AperioAperio, from Viewpoint Data Management, represents an innovative leap forward in test data management. Built from the ground-up with a focus on power and flexibility, Aperio enables manufacturing organizations to manage the collection, evaluation, and administration of test and technical data no matter its shape or size. Aperio resides in a scalable, fully secure, browser-based interface that is customizable to any business need.

Test and Technical Data Management for Manufacturing

Test data often ends up in isolated islands that are difficult to bridge together. Data is locked in Excel files, text files, or even separate tables in a database. The problem is that it is very difficult to tie all these fragments together to make a cohesive picture. Connecting all this data into a view that makes sense is what Aperio does. Aperio lets you build a complete device history connecting the islands together, even when the data comes from totally different legacy systems. Aperio builds a catalog of all the important facts and where they were found, leaving the data alone and letting your existing processes run unchanged. Aperio Interface to Swarm

Aperio and Caringo work together to provide manufacturers with streamlined access to information that spans the lifecycle from data creation through long term storage. The solution enables manufacturers to centralize the management and archival of test data in a common repository and seamlessly reach out to other data sources. Many companies in the manufacturing sector face regulatory compliance and corporate governance requirements for data retention and the Aperio/Caringo solution allows them to address these requirements. Aperio’s autopilot service can help you quickly implement your data retention policies so that you can immediately start complying with federal regulations. Aperio is a tool that can help you not only manage the data you are working with today, but also build an archive that will be accessible for months, years, or forever, as long as you need it.

About Viewpoint Data Management

Viewpoint Data Management is the offspring of Viewpoint Systems. With over 15 years of experience in data digitization, collection and automation- the Viewpoint team saw the growing need for a robust data management solution and Aperio was born. Viewpoint Systems excels at combining hardware and software to automate a process or a measurement. From its perspective, there is a high degree of commonality in the systems: almost every one has sensor inputs and actuator outputs and software to manage these I/O channels and data. This consistency enables Viewpoint to be very effective solution providers. The Viewpoint engineers specialize in these solutions, having had hundreds of collective years of experience. This common base of knowledge is what enables Viewpoint to work so effectively in product verification and validation, manufacturing test, process control, and industrial automation.

Business Benefits

  • Browser-based accessibility and search across archived data and other sources
  • Connect meaningful test data together for analysis
  • Unified access to test and technical data rather than having to use multiple, disparate systems
  • Scale the archive from terabytes to petabytes as needed to meet capacity needs
  • Address government regulatory requirements for data protection and retention