Caringo Goes Big

This month, we were included in InfoStor’s Top Ten Big Data Storage Tools with a shout out to Swarm, SwarmNFS, and FileFly. The article commended Caringo’s ability to migrate data into disparate solutions for long-term preservation, delivery and analysis while lowering total cost of ownership.

Want to learn more about how object storage is evolving? Join Caringo Product Managers Ryan Meek and Eric Dey October 12 for our live webcast Object Storage Evolves Again.

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Swarm Pro Tip of the Month: Elastic Content Protection

Swarm allows you the flexibly to determine the type and level of content protection that best fits your storage needs using Elastic Content Protection. Objects can be either replicated or erasure-coded, with objects of both types co-existing in the same cluster. Erasure coding is best suited for clusters with many nodes and larger objects, while replication is advantageous in smaller clusters and with smaller objects.

For more information, download the whitepaper.

Swarm Pro Tip: Elastic Content Protection

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