#@$!.. We Used a Four-Letter Word!

Yes, we pulled out the most dreaded four-letter word in the English language recently: DIET. Why did we resort to this dreaded terminology? Because our customers have been telling us lately that their Windows File Servers are becoming bloated and that they need a way to optimize performance and create an active archive for data. If you missed Tony Barbagallo’s Solving Issues with Microsoft Windows File Server Bloat webcast, make sure to watch it on-demand.

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Swarm Pro Tip of the Month

Swarm builds and maintains your search data (index) through your Search Feed, and it will regenerate the search index should it ever be lost. Trigger this regeneration at any time by running the Refresh command for your Search Feed in the Swarm Admin Console.

The time it takes for a complete refresh depends on the size of your index. During a refresh, your listings are unavailable. If you need access during a refresh cycle, you can take a snapshot of your index data so that you can restore it for instant disaster recovery using the Elasticsearch AWS Cloud plugin. Visit this link in the Caringo Swarm 9 Technical Documentation for detailed information. You will need to be logged into Caringo Connect.

February Highlights

In February, we launched FileFly 2.0 and our FileFly Secondary Storage Platform. Check out the reviews!

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