Caringo Unleashes Swarm 8

On February 16, we announced Caringo Swarm 8 with enhancements including:

  • Dynamic insight and organization at massive scale
  • Rapid file use case development
  • All-inclusive, no-surprises pricing
  • Flexible deployment to meet any operational business requirements

A number of articles were published on this topic including:

NAS vs. Object Storage: 10 Reasons Why Object Storage Will Win

Earlier this week, Storage Switzerland’s Founder George Crump and Caringo’s VP of Product Tony Barbagallo held an interactive webinar, comparing NAS and object storage and providing 10 reasons why they think object storage will be the file server of the future for the enterprise. The recording is now available. Click here to view.

Swarm Pro Tip of the Month

Swarm 8 performs replicate-on-write (ROW) by default which:

  • Eliminates any window for data loss since ROW guarantees that all necessary replicas are written on the initial request
  • Improves cluster performance, since overhead associated with the HP is lowered as a result

In previous versions, Swarm created replicas of objects asynchronously. If the previous behavior of asynchronous replication is desired, you can change the parameter ‘scsp.replicateOnWrite’ to ‘False’ (default is ‘True’). This can also be done dynamically via SNMP by changing ‘autoRepOnWrite’ to the same value of ‘False’ using snmpset or equivalent.

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