IoT Agenda: Your Business Needs to Leverage Its Big Data Now

In May, Caringo CEO and Co-Founder Jonathan Ring wrote about the rise of big data and the benefits of proper management of data with scale-out storage. Check out the article in TechTarget’s IoT Agenda and learn how to gain greater information transparency, superior accuracy, tighter customer segmentation, and more sophisticated analytics that can lead to developing additional products and services.

Caringo in the News

We recently announced the addition of hierarchical data protection policies, historical metrics and usage metering to Caringo Swarm with the release of version 8.1, providing enhanced flexibility and ease of operation for our market-leading scale-out storage platform. Learn more by reading the press release.

Caringo experts shared how content distributors can reduce latency by 40% and cut storage TCO by 75%. Read more in

Swarm Pro Tip of the Month

Swarm can serve javascript objects to browsers, allowing you to host web applications inside Swarm. To see how seamlessly video plays from Swarm, check out this video clip.

May Events

This week, we sponsored lunch at Leverage Big Data in San Diego. Summer shows and webinars are getting underway! We hope to see you at one of these upcoming events:
June 13–15
Data Storage Innovation Conference (SNIA), San Mateo, CA

June 23
Creative Storage Conference, Los Angeles, CA

June 28
Webinar: Thin Provisioning & Protecting Primary Storage