Metadata Madness: Unlocking Intelligence Potential

We all know that metadata is data about the data, but how does it work with object storage? What benefits can you reap by using metadata, and do all object storage solutions use metadata the same way? Join us for a Tech Tuesday educational webcast on February 26 at 11am PT featuring Solution Architect Ryan Meek for a deep dive and learn about using metadata with Object Storage to unlock the intelligence potential of your data.

Using Metadata with Object Storage

Swarm Pro Tip: Fall in Love with FileFly Again

Did you know that now you can use FileFly to move data from NAS (NetApp or Windows) to the “big 3” (Amazon, Google or Microsoft Azure clouds) as well as to Caringo Swarm Object Storage? Learn more, then contact us to see if you qualify for our free 25TB FileFly Community Edition.

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Swarm Certified Training

Join our next Swarm Certified Training  session at Caringo headquarters in Austin—home to great food, music, and scenery—May 20–22. You can register now or contact us to schedule a training class at your location for a deep dive into Swarm Object Storage, hands-on labs and discussion with our object storage experts.

Employee Spotlight

Alex Oldfield, Solutions Engineer

Alex Oldfield resides in the UK and joined Caringo as a Senior Consultant in 2015. Alex has helped many of our customers in higher education, research, and Media & Entertainment transform the way they store, protect, organise, access and use unstructured data. Recently, Alex assisted the UK’s STFC in testing and deploying Caringo Swarm in its JASMIN Super Data Cluster. Learn more by reading the case study and performance benchmarking whitepaper.