FileFly for Swarm

ESG has published two new pieces about Caringo FileFly for Swarm, which plugs into file servers, allowing you to combine the performance of file servers with the scalability and economy of object storage.

Learn more by watching Beyond NAS: Solving The Challenges Of Unsustainable Storage Silos video with Steve Duplessie. Then, download the Caringo FileFly: Extend NAS via Hyper-scale Object white paper by Analyst Scott Sinclair.

November Highlights

We had a great time at SC15 in Austin! The conversation flowed as freely as the beer, and we enjoyed giving demos of our products. Would you like to see how Caringo’s object software storage can help your organization?

Coming this December

November 7-10
Visit us in Las Vegas at Gartner Data Center Conference(booth #569). Our experts will be on hand to talk to you about your storage challenges.

December 15
Join us for a webinar at 9:00 am PST with Tony Barbagallo, our VP Product, to learn more about FileFly for Swarm!

Caringo Tips & Tricks

Swarm Pro Tip of the Month

How can I validate that the streams I am sending to Swarm are being received?

The Node Status Report on the admin console as well as the SNMP MIB include multiple variables that allow you to see the read, write, view info and delete activity for the cluster. By watching the stream count and “SCSP: Number of writes” variables while you are writing data to the cluster, you can see the counters increase and validate that the data is being received. Additionally, POST activity to the cluster can be viewed by decreasing your log level to 20 and monitoring the activity on your syslog server.