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Live Webinar: When Does Dense Make Sense? Oct 22

The rate of data growth for many organizations is outpacing budgets and resources needed to store it all efficiently. One of the solutions is increasing the density of storage, enabling you to store more data in a smaller footprint. In episode 11 of Brews & Bytes, we will tackle these questions: What are the trends […]

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Caringo Swarm Servers for Storing Digital Content

It’s no secret that digital content and how it is consumed has dramatically changed over the past few years. With recent events, that change has become even more pronounced. The demand for content and streaming is forcing organizations to quickly modernize their storage infrastructure to stay competitive. And, with the model of remote working becoming […]

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Why Move from ActiveScale to Swarm Object Storage?

Earlier this month, Western Digital announced that it will be exiting the Enterprise Storage market by selling IntelliFlash to DDN and putting its object storage product line, ActiveScale, up for sale. From a business perspective, this makes a lot of sense for Western Digital since they make most of their revenue selling SSDs and HDDs […]

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