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Live Webinar: Providing NFS Access to Object Storage Using SwarmNFS, July 28

In this webinar, learn how SwarmNFS provides NFS clients access to highly scalable and economical Swarm object storage. John Bell, Sr. Consultant, will host Michael “Q” Brame, QA Lead, for a discussion of traditional methods for handling NFS protocol access to object storage and the SwarmNFS “next-generation” approach. Details regarding the latest release (SwarmNFS 2.4) […]

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Live Webinar: Hardware Selection for Object Storage, April 28

While the magic lies in the innovative Caringo Swarm Object Storage software platform, choosing the right hardware to run object storage on can profoundly impact critical aspects such as: Performance Scale Manageability Learn about best practices for hardware selection and how to size your object storage solution to match your specific requirements. In this Tech […]

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Technology: Moving Forward While Preserving History

Technology is often thought of as futuristic—from how we advance society and improve the quality of life to benefiting businesses and meeting regulatory and industry requirements. However, while visiting Iceland and talking to the natives, I was fascinated by the dichotomy of how proficiently Icelanders use technology to maximize the use of their extensive geothermal […]

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