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What is the Most Economical Storage?

If you look up the definition of economical, you will usually find a statement about value versus money, time and/or effort. Historically, in the archival storage world, “economical” was synonymous with the phrase “cheap and deep.” Hence, the main variable for considering value for tier 2 and 3 storage was money. As long as you […]

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Caringo and Partners…A Love Story

I recently was a part of our new Brews & Bytes webcast where we talked about Object Storage roaring into the the 20s. As we discussed what we wanted to bring to future webcasts, without hesitation, the team decided to open up the discussion-focused event to the leaders and technical talent we work with at […]

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What Storage Interfaces and Protocols are Currently Used?

If you are new to the storage world, you might not realize just how many storage interfaces and protocols are currently used. You can think of these interfaces and protocols like a digital plug, and like electrical plugs, these are not interchangeable. If you look at a list of the interfaces and protocols, it provides […]

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