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SC19, Partners and Swarm Object Storage in HPC

Without doubt, the yearly Supercomputing Conference (SC) is one of the events we look forward to every November. This year, it was held once again in Denver, the Mile High City. It is interesting that the same year Caringo was founded, 2005, the iconic 40-foot-high bear (created by artist Lawrence Argent) was installed to peer […]

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SC19, HPC and Object Storage for 2020 & Beyond

We are quickly speeding towards the year 2020… the year that science fiction books and futuristic films have often used as a backdrop for stories set in “the future.” Caringo Looks Toward the Future Since 2005, our founders, executives and storage engineers have been looking towards the future and helping customers prepare to store, manage, […]

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High-Performance Computing with Object Storage

Our thoughts turn to High-Performance Computing (HPC) as we plan our return to Denver for the 31st anniversary of the Supercomputing Conference (SC19). The conference focus is on high-performance computing (HPC), networking, storage and analysis. Whether you are predicting an eclipse or the path of a hurricane or you are gathering information for scientific research […]

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