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Live Webinar: Providing NFS Access to Object Storage Using SwarmNFS, July 28

In this webinar, learn how SwarmNFS provides NFS clients access to highly scalable and economical Swarm object storage. John Bell, Sr. Consultant, will host Michael “Q” Brame, QA Lead, for a discussion of traditional methods for handling NFS protocol access to object storage and the SwarmNFS “next-generation” approach. Details regarding the latest release (SwarmNFS 2.4) […]

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Unlock the Value of Your Data with SwarmNFS

Twelve years ago, we recognized the trend towards an exponential growth of data. This inspired us to start Caringo in 2005, with the intent to change the economics of storage. Over the past decade, we’ve matured our product line and helped hundreds of customers solve what seemed like insurmountable challenges associated with storing, protecting and […]

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NAS vs Object: Which is Better for Your Data Center?

Since I started working in the storage industry in 2011, there have been many changes and advancements. Sophocles said that “Quick decisions are unsafe decisions.” That wisdom still holds true, particularly when making decisions about your data center. Poor decisions could jeopardize the future of your business; interfere with your weekend plans or getting a […]

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