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Expecting the Unexpected: Facilitating Information Governance

The author Oscar Wilde once said that “To expect the unexpected shows a thoroughly modern intellect.” And, with today’s explosion of unstructured data (⅓ of which is considered “sensitive”) in enterprise organizations, being prepared for the unexpected just may be the key to survival when it comes to facilitating information governance. Because, no matter how […]

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Curing the Healthcare Industry’s Data Headaches

This article was originally published on HealthCare Business & Technology. Medical science has made incredible progress with disease management and life expectancies. But there’s one frontier that still needs to be crossed for the healthcare industry to provide the best possible care: the data problem. Data is essential in all areas of healthcare—from diagnostic medicine […]

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Changing Our Lives: Medical Use of Object Storage

The power to change our lives is within our grasp, and that power lies in data. We can now store, sort and view data in new ways, gaining unique insights and impacting medical record retention, patient care and disease research. The advances in medicine over the past hundred years are mind-boggling. If the year was 1900, […]

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