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Video Workflow Storage Evolution: The Sequel

Broadcasting from home, the myriad of reunion shows, canned crowd noise and fake fans in seats; the output of the creativity of producers and broadcasters is evident during the pandemic. What isn’t evident for most viewers is what’s going on behind the scenes. Processes established over many years to decades were disrupted without warning. This […]

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Data Access is Critical to Solving the World’s Big Problems

Regardless of how you define ‘Big Problems,’ I think everyone can agree that the world has a lot of them. At the heart of solving any problem is understanding the issue, gathering and analyzing data, developing a solution, executing the plan, measuring the results, and then repeating that process until your problems are solved or […]

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Millennial Digital Storage Market: Metadata & Tagging

In the 20th century, “coming of age” meant learning to drive so we could hang out with our friends. Millennials are different — they’re just as happy to use ride-sharing apps like Uber and Lyft so they can focus on connecting with their friends digitally or playing Pokémon GO on their smartphones while traveling.

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