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What is the Most Economical Storage?

If you look up the definition of economical, you will usually find a statement about value versus money, time and/or effort. Historically, in the archival storage world, “economical” was synonymous with the phrase “cheap and deep.” Hence, the main variable for considering value for tier 2 and 3 storage was money. As long as you […]

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Caringo FileFly Data Management Tool Reaches Full Bloom

Formats and methodologies for storing and distributing information continue to evolve. This means that the tools we use to manage and move data must also grow. When the Farmer’s Almanac originated in 1818, it was printed using a printing press. Fast-forward 200 years, and now it is available online as well as printed (using far […]

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Technology: Moving Forward While Preserving History

Technology is often thought of as futuristic—from how we advance society and improve the quality of life to benefiting businesses and meeting regulatory and industry requirements. However, while visiting Iceland and talking to the natives, I was fascinated by the dichotomy of how proficiently Icelanders use technology to maximize the use of their extensive geothermal […]

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