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Caringo FileFly for Swarm

Can you scale your storage to multiple petabytes and trillions of files, optimize your filers, and consolidate files across multiple locations—all while driving down your total cost of ownership and acquisition? Would you like to take advantage of today’s cloud-like storage infrastructure with no application changes and retaining transparent end-user file access? You can, with Caringo® FileFly®.

“One of the biggest management headaches we face is that our employees store all of the data they create on expensive primary storage—they never delete any files. With FileFly, we set policies that move data based on user access patterns to more cost-effective scale-out storage while still providing instant access to a user’s files.”

Martin Kühn, IT Service Manager for the Max Planck Institute

FileFly enables the efficient migration of data from Microsoft® Windows® Servers or NetApp® Filers to a limitless secondary pool of self-healing storage powered by Caringo® Swarm to optimize primary storage assets. Administrators set file- and directory-level policies to automatically and transparently move file data.

FileFly reduces storage total cost of ownership up to 75% and optimizes filers by moving up to 90 percent of file data to Swarm.

With up to 90% less data on your filer, backup windows get faster, disk I/O is reduced and recovery happens in a fraction of the time.

Once consolidated, files are secure and accessible on Swarm, which can scale to 100s of petabytes and beyond on any mix of commodity hardware.

FileFly is available as part of the Caringo FileFly Secondary Storage Platform—a complete set of scale-out software and hardware storage appliances with premium remote installation, initial configuration and support services included.

Product Brief

Caringo FileFly:

Optimize Filers, Consolidate Files, Streamline Backup and Recovery