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Everything you need to evaluate and fully integrate Caringo® Swarm for software-defined storage.

Registering for a Caringo Connect account gives you access to a full-featured 2TB Swarm license and everything you need to evaluate and integrate the market leading object storage software. You get immediate access to the downloads and documentation you need when you register for Caringo Connect.

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Caringo S3 Verification Program

Do you use or develop applications that work with Amazon S3? If so, Caringo is now providing you with a way to quickly verify interoperability between an S3 compatible applications and Caringo object storage.

S3 Evaluation – Learn more

Free Swarm Software Download

  • Swarm software with a 2 TB license
  • Detailed documentation and training
  • SDKs for Java, Python, C++ and C#
  • Sample code
  • Sample applications
  • Step by step installation instructions

System Requirements

  • 3 or more standard x86 servers as dedicated Swarm nodes
    • Xeon, Athlon 64, or equivalent CPU recommended
    • 1GB RAM
    • Gigabit network interface; SATA, SAS, or SCSI disks
  • Computer running Windows or Linux to prepare USB flash drives
  • Monitor and keyboard for initial configuration


Product Briefs

Caringo Connect Datasheet

Caringo Connect

Portal for Caringo partners, customers and developers that provides everything you need to integrate to Swarm object storage – free.

Download (PDF)