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Latest Videos

Setting up Swarm with Object Archive

Set up Caringo® Swarm with FUJIFILM® Object Archive. Walk-thru creating an Amazon S3 backup feed using your user token from Object Archive.

Intelligent Data Management from Caringo, IABM Interview

Pioneering intelligent data management done by Caringo. Object storage is increasingly popular for media, entertainment and streaming organizations.

Caringo Storage Appliances Interview with SVG: SportsTech On Demand

Check out Caringo's release of the new Swarm Server Appliance Line and how our Object Storage enables organizations of all sizes

Globus | University of Chicago & Caringo at SC19

At SC19, Rachana Ananthakrishnan expounded on the benefits of using the Globus service with Caringo Swarm Object Storage for HPC data.

FileCatalyst & Caringo at SC19

At SC19, John Tkaczewski of FileCatalyst sat down with us to discuss how his company’s File Transfer Technology and Caringo Swarm Object Storage work together for HPC and M&E customers.

CatDV Multimedia Tool Integration with Swarm Object Storage

Simplify media workflows with CatDV media asset management (MAM) system while leveraging the Caringo Swarm object storage solution.

Marquis Project Parking Storage Manager + Swarm Storage

With Caringo Swarm & Marquis, you can optimize media & metadata workflows, offload Avid shared storage and simplify Avid backup and DR.

Cantemo Media Asset Manager with Swarm Object Storage

Watch this video to see how you can use Caringo Swarm object storage and Cantemo to simplify the complexity in media management.

The Role of Object Storage in High-Performance Computing

Storage Switzerland’s George Crump & Caringo CEO Tony Barbagallo discuss real-world storage architecture with Swarm object storage for HPC.

JB&A Today Episode

JB&A Today's Nicholas Smith explains how M&E IT Pros can use Caringo Swarm Object Storage to build a secure, on-prem private cloud.

The Story Behind Caringo by JB&A

Tony Barbagallo, Caringo CEO, explains how Caringo optimizes storage and access at every stage of the digital asset lifecycle.

CatDV Demo

See how the seamless integration of CatDV and Caringo Swarm streamlines your content production and distribution workflows.

DPBuzz Interview with Adrian Herrera

Adrian "AJ" Herrera, Caringo VP Marketing, explains how object storage is useful for media creators and how it works.

Caringo Drive

Take a 3-minute tour of Caringo Drive, which gives you quick, simple access to Swarm from macOS and Microsoft Windows.

Adrian Herrera Interview with Post Magazine

Adrian Herrera, Caringo VP Marketing, and Post Magazine’s Linda Romanello discuss Swarm Object Storage integration with digital video tools

Adrian Herrera Interview with Broadcast Beat

Debra Kaufman of Broadcast Beat interviews Caringo VP Marketing Adrian Herrera for insights into how Caringo Object Storage benefits M&E orgs

ReachEngine + Caringo

See how Reach Engine and Caringo Swarm can be used to streamline your content creation, curation and storage workflows.

Swarm Hybrid Cloud Demo

Swarm Hybrid Cloud for Azure seamlessly converts S3-compliant & NFS-accessible files before transferring them to Azure in native blob format

Bridge Digital Demo

See how you can use Swarm Object Storage as secure secondary storage (active archive) for digital video workflows.

Caringo at SC16 via HPCwire

Tony Barbagallo and Jonathan Ring discuss how Caringo Swarm is used as an active archive in high-performance computing (HPC) at SC16.

Caringo SwarmNFS

Caringo® SwarmNFS is a lightweight file protocol converter designed to bring the benefits of S3-compatible cloud and object storage to NFSv4.

SwarmNFS Overview

Caringo Co-Founder Jonathan Ring talks about the problem with NFS on object storage and how Caringo has solved this issue with SwarmNFS.

Part 01 – Swarm Overview

Tony Barbagallo, Caringo CEO, explains Swarm and the benefits to using an agile object storage solution that adapts to your business.

Part 01 – Getting Started with Swarm

John Bell, Caringo Senior Consultant, gives you a quick overview of the hardware required to run Swarm in this video.