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World Backup Day & Data Protection, part 1

World Backup Day is designed to encourage individuals to back up their personal data. Options and strategies for backup and data protection.

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Over the last several years, it’s been encouraging to watch the popularity of World Backup Day grow over time. While the day is designed to encourage individuals to back up their personal data, it is also a concept critical to employ in the business world. I recently read a StorageNewsletter post that stunned me with stories of businesses large and small who had been severely hurt (or ruined) by lack of an adequate backup solution. With data security being central to the success of companies, we would all be wise to examine the effectivity of backing up or protecting critical business data!

In homage to this year’s World Backup Day, here’s a quick review of the current state-of-the-art in backup methodologies for businesses

Backing Data Up to…Where?

Issues-Tape BackupThere are a lot of off-site storage options for your backup data. Some people choose to have a physical closet packed full of tapes at the cost of high restore latency, while others choose to have an operational disaster recovery site that can feed data back at a moment’s notice. Still others choose to use a cloud solution, whether AWS, Google, or Azure.

Backing Up What Counts

devices sending arrows indicating direction flow to cloud for transferNo matter where you choose to store your data, there will always be a cost associated with it. One of the big questions to ask, then, is how to balance protection characteristics (durability, availability, latency) with the invoice every month. One easy way to reduce that bill is to make sure you only backup the data you really need.

After all, if you’re an IT administrator and your users have home directories full of cat pictures and other clutter, do you really need to incur the time and expense to protect those files? Or would that be better spent on more/better/faster protection for your critical business data?

Top-tier backup solutions allow administrators to define policies beyond a wholesale copy of a drive’s data. Rather, they let admins set fine-grained policies to only deal with the data that matters.

Knowing Your Data

Some data can tolerate having the last few hours’ (or days’) worth of changes be lost in a disaster, but some data cannot. It is important for the owners of this data (and the administrators tasked with protecting it) to have some sense of the loss tolerance of their data.

These different protection requirements have also pushed backup solutions away from large batch protection at set intervals (such as an administrator sitting by a tape deck, waiting to swap out cassettes and push “resume” for hours on end). Instead, data protection now happens on a more continuous basis and for many IT organizations has replaced the concept of “backing up data.”

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As Warren Buffet famously said, “in order to succeed you must first survive.” Protection of ever-expanding data sets has become absolutely critical to ensure that survival. Join us in celebrating World Backup Day!

If you have questions about protecting your data, please contact us. And watch for part 2 of this blog where I explore how you can easily protect your business data by incorporating Caringo Swarm, our field-hardened S3-compatible storage platform, and using Caringo FileFly Data Management Tool, which provides you with the option to move your data into Caringo Swarm, Amazon (AWS), Microsoft Azure or Google cloud platforms.

Brian Guetzlaff
Brian Guetzlaff

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Brian Guetzlaff is a software developer with varied interests and a fascination with distributed symmetric systems. As an Engineering Manager at Caringo, Brian helps give a face to Caringo’s technology. He loves time with family, spending time in nature, cooking, and coffee…lots of coffee.

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