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IT for the Win: Travel & Security on European Vacations

Technology has forever changed the world in which we live and travel, and object storage is key to solving many of today's toughest data storage challenges.

Travel and Security
Travel and Security

Summer is peak season for travel, and wherever you go, you’ll see the challenges that all governments and industries are facing with storing information and keeping travelers secure. It is an understatement to say that information technology has forever changed the world in which we live and travel. From mapping ancient ruins unearthed in Rome to electronic scanning and use of facial recognition systems to verify passports for international travelers, governments and businesses around the world are becoming more sophisticated in their use of technology and particularly in their data storage and protection strategies. In the private sector, from airlines to hospitality and retail, the focus is on providing travelers with new options to make travel more efficient and pleasurable. In our ever-wired world, I recently experienced first hand just how easy it was to revise travel plans sitting in a London pub with just my smartphone.

From films in museums that capture historical stories to the availability of streaming media on international flights and language translation apps for our phones, technology brings us more and more opportunities to become global citizens in the 21st century. And, technologies like CCTV (Closed Circuit TV) and video surveillance are helping both the public and private sector protect people and property around the world. With these innovations, comes a tremendous need to store massive amounts of unstructured data, and that is a problem that Caringo technology can solve. One of my favorite examples of this is in Caringo’s hometown of Austin, Texas where our police department stores all dashcam video with Caringo Swarm.

As a tech company with a global presence, Caringo has provided many organizations with the means for secure, cost-effective and easy-to-manage software-defined storage (SDS) for over a decade. Caringo entered the technology marketplace with our Swarm Cloud & Object Storage Platform long before many IT professionals understood the need for software-defined storage or recognized just how much data would be generated going forward. While other companies have just entered the marketplace over the past few years, we’ve spent over a decade refining and field-hardening our technology (now at version 9.2) and implemented advanced search capabilities with customizable metadata that is attached directly to the object—making way for organizations to develop business models to extract ongoing value from long-tail data.

Caringo has over 500 deployments (more than any other object storage vendor) and many of those have been up and running with no interruption longer than our competitors have been in business. Given this fact, I could not help but wonder as I traveled abroad just how many of the systems I came into contact with were powered by Caringo Swarm. From real estate to social discovery to media, some of the world’s largest content producers and user-generated sites have implemented Caringo Swarm to enable origin storage and direct from storage streaming (OTT). And, with Caringo’s support for standard storage protocols like Amazon S3 API and NFS and our ability to plug into Windows File Servers and NetApp filers, Caringo is now also being used to optimize the storage and access process in digital video workflows at production houses, M&E service providers and broadcast organizations like NEP The Netherlands.

Whether it is protecting from ransomware, lowering your storage TCO, or organizing your data at massive scale, Caringo has the solutions behind technology used around the world. Want to learn more about how object storage is being used in today’s most challenging data storage use cases and find out if object storage can help your organization? Contact us for a demo.

Sarah Cook
Sarah Cook

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Sarah Cook is Caringo's Director of Marketing and brings deep expertise in Product Marketing and Technical/Marketing/Corporate Communications. Sarah has worked for some of the biggest names in technology including Dell and Cisco and holds a B.A. in English Composition with a minor in Music from the University of North Texas. She sings with and serves on the Board of Directors for Panoramic Voices, a 501(c)3 choral collaborative in Austin, TX.

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