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Why Should You Optimize File Servers?

Windows File Servers are one of the most popular ways to store and share data. Optimize them to lower TCO 75% and protect from ransomware attacks.

File Optimization Blog
File Optimization Blog

Despite the frustration it causes and the inefficiency, Windows File Servers remain one of the most popular ways for organizations to store and share data between employees. It’s relatively easy and inexpensive to just stand up another file server—that is, until the operational impact of yet another file server is factored in. Then, this cheap alternative is not so cheap.

The never-ending growth of unstructured data on Windows File Servers continues unfettered in most data centers today. Curtis Preston of Storage Switzerland suggests that you have three choices in this situation:

  • Force people to start deleting things with quotas
  • Manually start moving things to archive storage and manage that process yourself
  • Use some type of automated system to manage that process

Clearly, the first two options are not an efficient use of precious IT resources and simply will not scale as your organization and data stores continue to grow. But, what if you could automate that process, and at the same time garner benefits such as:

  • Reduced storage TCO (up to 75%)
  • Protection from ransomware attacks
  • Data lifecycle management
  • Instant access to all of your data

The concept of a secondary storage platform or active archive can revolutionize your organization’s ability to retain massive amounts of data for extended periods of time. And, unlike using tape for long-term archive, it offers the constant availability of data just in case you need to access it. This opens the door to analyzing data to discover all sorts of useful information, as well as for future opportunities for monetization.

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Sarah Cook
Sarah Cook

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