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What’s New in Caringo Swarm?

Recently, we released Swarm 9.2 with enhancements to improve the operation and ease of maintenance of your storage cluster.

What’s New in Caringo Swarm?
What’s New in Caringo Swarm?

Recently, we released updates to Swarm 9 with enhancements to improve the operation and ease of maintenance of your storage cluster. All customers with current support contracts can download the latest software from Caringo Connect.

As the pioneer in object-based software-defined storage, we continue to evolve our technology to meet the emerging needs of our customers who span a diverse set of verticals from media & entertainment (M&E), to high-performance computing (HPC), to government, to managed service providers (MSP), just to name a few. Here are the highlights from our recent updates.

Metadata Typing Expanded

Those of you familiar with Caringo Swarm Object Storage understand the importance of our rich metadata capabilities and how these capabilities enable organizations to manage and use data at a massive scale. We have expanded the built-in searching capabilities with a multi-representational metadata typing. Now, in addition to indexing content metadata as strings, Swarm now supports alternative representations—such as numeric, time, and geo-location—for the same metadata. This provides applications with powerful query capabilities when performing searching operations.

S3 Multipart Listing Compatibility Improvements

Increasingly, S3 interoperability is a requirement for organizations. Contrary to AWS S3 API guidance, some S3 applications naively codify formatting validations for opaque response information in their multipart operations. In order to support these applications, the storage cluster now mimics the AWS formatting behavior of the S3 opaque response fields on multipart upload and listing operations. In addition, the Content Gateway includes additional improvements to support Amazon S3 compatibility.

Volume Upgrades and Management Simplification

Swarm volumes that hold mostly small objects and were formatted by Swarm 7.5 or earlier can now be automatically upgraded in place to better handle objects

Want to learn more about what these enhancements mean and engage in live Q&A? Join me on June 21 for a live webcast. Register now to watch live or view on-demand.

What’s New in Caringo Swarm Object Storage Webcast

Eric Dey
Eric Dey

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Eric Dey, Caringo Director of Product, is our expert on Cloud Storage Infrastructure, and was one of the early developers on the Swarm Object Storage product. With a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of California Davis, Eric has extensive experience with cloud services, Linux open-systems, and applications. When Eric is not working on cloud storage solutions, he is often flying an airplane through the clouds as an active member of Austin Mooney Flyers, LLC.

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