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VTUG Winter Warmer Turns 10

Visit us at VTUG. Learn how to balance the cost of storage against the business requirements of performance and security with object storage solutions from Caringo.

VTUG Gillette Stadium
VTUG Gillette Stadium

This Thursday is the 10th annual Winter Warmer for New England’s Virtualization Technology User Group (VTUG) at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, MA. Many IT professionals attend this event to learn about new technologies, network with their peers, and discuss hot trends within the industry. With compelling keynotes, unique break-out sessions and hands-on labs, it is a can’t miss event in this region. The event is free and you can register at

As I prepare for the event, I can’t help but reflect on what a difference a decade makes. Just 9 years ago (2007), Spiderman 3 was the top grossing film at 151 Million, American Idol Season 6 was the most popular TV show (won by Jordan Sparks), and Apple launched the iPhone. Hitachi sold a 1TB HDD, Microsoft released Windows Vista, a 42″ LCD TV cost well over $1,000 and Nokia made the top-selling cell phone in the world. A decade is a long time for any industry, but it’s a lifetime in technology. Compare that to today, where you can purchase a 10TB HDD, iPhone 6s is the current version, a 40″ LED Smart TV can be had for just $300, and Nokia is now owned by Microsoft. According to Gartner, in 2007 IT leaders were focused on Business Intelligence applications, Server and Storage technology, Security, Service-oriented architectures, Document Management and Collaboration technologies to name a few. If you compare that to Gartner’s latest list for 2016, there are significant changes because of new technologies like 3D printing, IoT, and new user devices. It’s amazing to me that some organizations take the same approach to storage as they did in 2007 and expect the same results even though the demands are quite different.

In examining your 2016 technology plans and investments, what lessons learned from the past can you apply? Is your data storage infrastructure designed to support the future needs of your business and emerging technologies that you will want to incorporate into your infrastructure? How will new technology trends impact your customers’ experience?

Data continues to grow by leaps and bounds. It’s a constant struggle for organizations to balance the cost of storage against the business requirements of performance, security, access and flexibility. With more diverse applications than ever before, it’s easy to see why IT leaders devote so much time and money to their storage environment. For a lot of organizations, Object Storage can provide a cost-efficient option without sacrificing the needs of the business. Caringo Swarm is a proven hardware-agnostic software storage platform trusted by hundreds of customers. We provide solutions for Fortune 100 companies, Federal and local government organizations, Telco and medical providers, and leading businesses throughout the world.

Caringo will be exhibiting and leading a breakout session at the VTUG Winter Warmer, and I hope to see you there. We want to hear about your storage challenges, and make sure that when you flip the calendar to 2017, you can look back on the success of 2016. Not in the New England area to attend VTUG Thursday? Then join our VP of Marketing Adrian Herrera at 9:00 AM PST/11:00 AM CST/noon EST for a webinar: Object Storage: Using next-generation storage to solve today’s data problems.

Ben Canter
Ben Canter

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Ben Canter joined Caringo in 2015, and is now Caringo’s VP of Sales. Boston born and bred, Ben has spent 20+ years in IT, 13 on the VAR side, 4 years with manufacturing, 8 years focused on Data Center technology, and 5 years in Software-Defined Storage. Ben is certified in multiple technologies including HP, IBM, Dell, VMware, Cisco, and DataCore Software and thrives on helping customers solve problems.

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