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Transforming object storage into a cloud storage service



In my last post I discussed our approach to object storage and cloud storage but didn’t go into detail on the service aspects of cloud storage. I won’t go into too much detail in this post but the reason object storage is the best storage option for cloud storage is summarized in this image.

But how do you create a reliable cloud storage service? Take a look at image 2. The green section encompasses the service infrastructure, which in most cases is object storage.

To enable cloud storage as a service you need all of the items detailed in the purple in the diagram below.


Billing and chargeback

is at the core of monetizing cloud storage. It enables the utility or pay for what you use aspect of cloud services.

Service provisioning provides administrators with the ability deploy sections or portions of the shared infrastructure according to business requirements.

User management ensures that only authorized users can access a their portion of the shared infrastructure, another integral component to a secure multi-tenant approach.

Service catalog or the ability to create and offer specific subscription based upon admin-defined criteria (such as capacity, bandwidth, system calls, time etc…).

From a high level, layering these service enablement methods on top of object storage and ensuring authorization, authentication and RESTful access transforms object storage into a cloud storage service.

The path of least resistance to a successful cloud storage service – Citrix CloudPortal Business Manger 2.1 and Caringo

One of the easiest ways to deploy service infrastructure and service enablement is to pair Caringo CAStor and Caringo CloudScaler with Citrix CloudPortal Business Manager (CPBM). Tying it back to the second image, Caringo provides the service infrastructure while Citrix CPBM provides the service enablement through its cloud services delivery platform that unifies all cloud services. We have worked closely with Citrix to make sure the whole process is as easy to manage and offer our software as a certified CPBM connector through the new connector SDK provided in their latest release.

Adrian Herrera
Adrian Herrera

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