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Thin Provisioning & Protecting Primary Storage

Get the benefits of scale-out storage while preserving the performance of your NAS (NetApp or Windows Storage Server). Find out the advantages of thin provisioning your NAS.

Bring Your Filer Into the Cloud Age
FileFly Webinar

FileFly WebinarI’ve been speaking recently about the evolution of file and how to transparently bridge the divide between legacy storage and new data management platforms. NAS and file servers were designed to handle frequently changing files across organizations. This type of data is now a small percentage of overall capacity; however, NAS and file server growth still continues—often driven by legacy applications and existing workflows that make it easier to continue to buy more filers when extra capacity is needed.

This constrains IT organizations, taxes budgets and prevents taking advantage of cost-effective scalable cloud-like storage infrastructures—which provide the ability to consolidate files, search and securely access files from anywhere (including over the web) and from any device. The question is “can you have the best of both of these worlds?” A transparent interface for your existing applications into searchable scale-out storage which can then be securely accessible from anywhere? The answer is yes.

Last year, we set out to solve this very issue by developing an application we call FileFly. FileFly enables you to thin provision your NAS (NetApp Filers or Windows Storage Servers) by transparently tiering inactive data, while gaining all the benefits of Swarm scale-out storage on the backend—without disruption to your current workflows or processes. You preserve the performance of NAS while gaining more flexibility, reducing complexity and lowering your overall storage TCO. In addition, FileFly protects the active data remaining on your file servers primary storage, reducing operational and licensing costs associated with traditional file backup.

So, what are the advantages of thin provisioning and protecting your primary storage with FileFly and Swarm (Caringo’s incredibly resilient and efficient scale-out storage solution)? Here are just a few high-level benefits.

  • Buy a Smaller Filer, Keep your Existing Filer, Get Massive Scale. Scale your new or existing storage to multiple petabytes and trillions of files by taking advantage of today’s cloud-like scalable storage infrastructure on standard hardware—without application changes while retaining transparent end-user access to your files.
  • Let Set-it and Forget-it Policies Do the Work for You. FileFly provides complete, automated file lifecycle management—from creation to protection. Working with both NetApp® and Windows® filers, FileFly simplifies the tiering of your data from NAS to Swarm. Simply select the level of file data movement based on your business requirements and reap the benefits of increased data protection, seamless transparent file backup and thin provisioning of your primary storage.
  • Control the File Value Lifecycle with Insight & Precision. Typical file-migration solutions often rely on a disparate mix of data management software, storage infrastructure and backup applications—perpetually increasing complexity and requiring significant amounts of manual management. Unlike those solutions, FileFly radically simplifies the file-transition process—automatically and transparently tiering the right level of file data at the right time to Caringo Swarm.
  • Pay Less & Get More. Reduce storage TCO up to 75% versus keeping all that infrequently accessed data on primary NAS file servers. Once on Swarm, your data is consolidated and protected, enabling robust search capabilities and secure access from any authorized application or device.

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Glen Olsen
Glen Olsen

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With over 2 decades of experience, Caringo Product Manager Glen Olsen has a keen focus on architecting data and storage solutions. At Caringo, Glen leads efforts to bridge the gap between traditional storage and our leading-edge scale-out storage solution.

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