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The World Cup of Supercomputing: ISC2018 & Object Storage

The Caringo team is heading to ISC2018 to demo Swarm Software-Defined Object Storage, whiteboard strategy for building active archives, and raise a toast.

World Cup of Supercomputing
World Cup of Supercomputing

Next week, I have an exciting “first” in my career: I’ll be in Frankfurt representing Caringo at the prestigious International Supercomputing event (ISC). ISC is focused on addressing High-Performance Computing (HPC) technological development and its application in scientific and advanced commercial environments. And of course, all of this is made more exciting for me because England’s World Cup matches are the day before ISC and the day after!

Part of the attraction for me in coming to Caringo was the potential I saw for Caringo Swarm in the verticals I know best: Pro Sports and Media & Entertainment (M&E). Seeing the diversity of the customers that Caringo’s technology is empowering was a revelation for me: Caringo Swarm has been chosen by federal governments, healthcare organizations, international cloud providers and most intriguing for me—High-Performance Computing (HPC).

I’m probably not alone in having had the preconception that HPC simply needed high-performance storage. When I joined Caringo, I quickly learned from my new colleagues that the massive scale of data in a supercomputing environment needs more than just performance, and that these hyper-scale customers are just as focused as those in other verticals on lowering storage TCO. The value of Swarm to those in HPC includes multi-tenancy and compliance; and secure data access that simplifies workflows is just as highly valued. Download this solution brief for more information.

Caringo has garnered impressive credibility in the HPC arena as our flagship product Swarm was recently chosen to be an integral technology in powering one of the UK’s prestigious (and hyper-scaled) environmental super-data-clusters.

Of course, Caringo also has existing deployments at national laboratories in the US, higher education research centres around the globe, and many Federal organisations that are responsible for data collection and analysis. As “supercomputing” becomes more prevalent in the commercial space, innovative technologies like Swarm that are capable of handling the scale and throughput of massive data sets while providing advanced methods of accessing and manipulating data are truly coming of age. Recently, Caringo Co-founder & CTO Jonathan Ring opined that object storage was becoming the new tier 1 storage and Adrian “AJ” Herrera, VP of Marketing, explored how object storage now competes with parallel file systems.

I am looking forward to showcasing the Caringo software suite to delegates from the scientific research space as well as industries such as automobile, aerospace and healthcare, as well as the many other verticals where Caringo has growing footprints. We will have a team of System Architects, Technical Sales, reseller and technology partners at ISC. Given the highly technical audience, we will conduct whiteboard architectural sessions and software demonstrations. If you are planning to be at ISC, feel free to email me directly to arrange a time to meet with us to learn what Swarm can do for you.

ISC + Caringo Happy Hour

Although it is not October and we are not in Bavaria, we will still be raising a toast each afternoon at the Caringo Stand (K-413). Our happy hour is co-sponsored by our mates at Boston Limited and it will kick off Monday at 4 pm and Tuesday and Wednesday at 3 pm. I look forward to seeing you there!

Paul Phillips
Paul Phillips

About The Author

Paul Phillips is responsible for Sales & Operations for Caringo in EMEA. Paul has been a founding member of an Intel funded storage start-up and built the Levels Beyond business outside of North America from scratch. Paul and his family live in Oxfordshire in the United Kingdom.

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