Thanksgiving 2018: Data Gobbles Up Storage

To respond to the growth of data, organizations of every size will need to adopt a holistic approach that incorporates multiple types of storage, including object storage.


Data is quickly gobbling up storage resources. The 2017 IDC whitepaper Data Age 2025 referenced in almost every recent article on data growth presents many startling statistics and predicts that:

over 19ZB of storage capacity must ship across all media types from 2017 to 2025 to keep up with storage demands.

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To respond to this type of data growth, organizations of every size will need to adopt a holistic approach that incorporates multiple types of storage. I’ve often heard object storage referred to as a “niche technology.” However, the issues that object storage solves certainly aren’t “niche.”

Swarm Object Storage Comes of Age

Earlier this year, we celebrated Caringo turning 13. We released our first object storage software in 2006 and with our 10–10 launch of Swarm 10, we now have what is arguably the most mature object storage solution in the market. (Read more in the blog Swarm 10 Object Storage for the On-Demand, Distributed World.) While we continue to be a cost-effective storage solution—often reducing overall storage TCO for customers up to 75%—we have expanded our scalability both up and down so that small and mid-size organizations can reap all the benefits of object storage that our larger customers have enjoyed for years. In addition, we now have performance benchmarking tests that delivered 35 GB/s for S3 read throughput.

An Easy Button for On-Premises S3 Storage

For many years, object storage was only a viable solution for those with a few hundred TBs or more of data. However, many organizations with smaller capacity needs now realize that object storage can help them provide metered storage to employees or end users, enabling them to keep their data accessible over the web without utilizing a web or FTP server. This is why we added the Swarm Single Server to our product line up. Designed specifically to meet the needs of small- to medium-sized content-driven organizations, it provides a complete on-premises S3 solution with built-in content management and delivery in a single server with 96 TBs of raw capacity. With the Swarm Single Server, we essentially provide an “easy button” for organizations that need a path to expansion as they grow their digital assets. (Learn more about the Swarm Single Server.)

Working Together for Better Solutions

One of our core missions is finding ways we can enable businesses to explore storage solutions that fit their particular use cases. Our efforts include:

Here to Help You

If you need help eliminating storage silos and ensuring your data is easily accessible and secure, contact us for a customized demo or to speak with one of our storage architects. For our current customers, the Caringo Support Team is available 7x24x365, helping make your holiday season stress and hassle free.

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Sarah Cook

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