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Telefónica Calls on Caringo Swarm for Future-Proof Cloud Storage

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You can talk all you want about how slick and brilliant your high-tech product is, but the value of a product is in how it helps your customers and contributes to their success. The telco service provider space is highly competitive, and service providers need to differentiate themselves through their service offerings while carrying the increasing load of social networks, mobile engagement, cloud computing, and big data technologies.

According to Gartner research featured in an InformationWeek article, end-user spending on cloud computing services could be more than $180 billion this year. So, what portion of that is cloud storage? MarketsandMarkets reported that the public/private cloud storage market is estimated to grow from $13.57 billion in 2014 to $56.57 billion in 2019 at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 33.1% from 2014 to 2019. So what’s the point? The cloud market and, more specifically, the cloud storage market is massive and some of the largest organizations in the world, including Telefónica, are vying for their share.

In developing a cloud storage offering, Telefónica, one of the world’s largest (in terms of customers) publicly traded telecommunications companies in the world, had many requirements to consider. They needed software-defined storage that was hardware agnostic, massively scalable, fault-tolerant, and secure—and they needed to know they could count on exceptional data protection that would comply with various industry and government standards. After a multi-year search and evaluation for the right future-proof technologies,Telefónica chose Caringo Swarm software-defined storage. As a pioneer in the field of object storage, Caringo has evolved its Swarm product over the years. Using a number of patented innovations, Swarm offers effortless, bulletproof, limitless storage that met Telefónica’s stringent requirements.

What about Swarm made it a great fit for Telefónica? With symmetric parallel architecture, Swarm is based on RAIN topology and is hardware agnostic, allowing Telefónica to leverage existing resources in their Tier 4-certified datacenter in Alcala, Spain. This datacenter is fully fault-tolerant and offers nine-nine’s reliability. In addition, Swarm’s support for multitenancy, fault tolerance, erasure coding, ease of management, and Amazon’s S3 API were contributing factors. Swarm’s unique Elastic Content Protection provides Telefónica with the choice between erasure coding and replication, simultaneously available on the same servers with auto-migration from one protection scheme to another.

Telefónica provides best-in-class mobile, fixed and broadband networks. For their Cloud Storage offering, it is anticipated that the average SMB customer will need up to 2TB of data capacity and Telefónica is confident that Swarm can help them scale efficiently. With a significant presence in 21 countries (Spain and other European countries and Latin America) providing 341 million plus access points around the world, Telefónica’s Cloud Storage growth plans are aggressive—and Swarm is there to help…

Telefonica + Caringo Case StudyRead the full case study for more information. >

On Telefónica’s website, they state their mission, “At Telefonica we believe that everyone should have at their disposal the possibilities offered by technology. Thus, we can all live better, do more things, be more.” Our goal is to help Telefónica deliver on that promise enabling their customers to store all of their data, when they have to, and rest-assured that it will be accessible when needed.

What are your business goals? We want to hear about your toughest data storage challenges and help you explore how a Caringo object storage solution can benefit your organization. We welcome you to contact us and to follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+.

Adrian Herrera
Adrian Herrera

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