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Active Archives: Object Storage for Data Sets in HPC

Supercomputing, or High Performance Computing (HPC), is now over 50 years old. Needless to say, HPC and supercomputers have come a long way since the 1960s, and a number of developments have contributed to that progress. Many players have come and gone in this space, and the advancements have been staggering. From GFLOPS to TFLOPS […]

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Bridging Old and New Storage with Object Storage

There are two quite different real-world applications of the Caringo Swarm Cloud & Object Storage Platform—one using a bridging solution from legacy file servers and another that takes advantage of new cloud interfaces like RESTful APIs (HTTP or S3). So how do you bridge the old and the new world of storage? We must first […]

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Object Storage to Meet the Demands of M&E

The resolution at which we view content has increased at a staggering rate in recent years. Whether it’s on the big or small screen, smartphone or tablet…the picture is clearer than ever. From cameras to playback devices, technology improvements across the board have made this possible. The storage capacity required to manage, manipulate and playback […]

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