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Swarm Object Storage Now Goes to 11

With Swarm 11, we gave “that extra push over the cliff” to accelerate access to video files with an on-demand archive.


There is a lot of talk lately about how object storage is moving up the storage food chain with the help of artificial Intelligence (GPU chips and such) and front-end file systems. I’m happy to say that while we were the first object storage solution to replace a parallel file system in production, we haven’t lost sight of where Caringo technology shines—as a solution for nearline, content distribution and on-demand archive workflows.

With Swarm 11, our stellar development team gave it “that extra push over the cliff” on all of these fronts. Most important to our customers and their users, we have exposed powerful new capabilities in our UI that take the custom programming usually required out of the equation.

Caringo for M&E and Digital Video

With our move into the Media and Entertainment segment the last few years, we’ve spoken with hundreds of content-driven organizations. They are all challenged with reducing the amount of time it takes to protect and deliver an asset internally or externally. Swarm 11 solves these issues by creating an on-demand archive where the content or content segment needed is easy to find and streamable internally or externally.

What’s New in Swarm 11?

Reducing Time to Last Byte (TTLB) with Partial File Restore (PFR)

While there is still a place for cold archives (e.g., tape or Amazon Glacier), most organizations not only need a true active archive, they want to be able to retrieve data on demand, particularly when they want to edit digital video. With Swarm’s new Partial File Restore feature, we’ve reduced Time to Last Byte (aka TTLB) dramatically. The ability to quickly retrieve a large video file or pull a desired clip from that file means that editing, internal sharing and streaming all become not only easier, but almost instantaneous. Our API for integration into the M&E industry’s many Asset Management solutions has broad CODEC support and direct MP4-based clipping.

Accelerating Time to Ingest with up to 5x Faster File Upload Speeds

Let’s face it, when it comes time to uploading files, faster is better. That is why we have designed an accelerated path to data ingest with up to 5x faster upload of any number of large, multi-GB files from any web browser. No clumsy gateways or software mounting points that could be incompatible with your workstation or that require an intermittent stop to a spooler to ensure all file segments are transferred. With bulk upload, we speed the process as data segments are written in parallel directly to the Swarm cluster.

Simplified File Sharing

Given the complexity of storage technology and the wide swath of choices for transferring and delivering video, our team focuses on ways to simplify file sharing and eliminate the need to rely on external 3rd party services (e.g., Box or Vimeo), FTP Servers, expensive Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) or the risky and old-fashioned shipping of flash or hard drives. Swarm File Sharing empowers authorized users to generate a streamable URL for any file using the Swarm Content Portal. That URL can then be transmitted via email or instant message for secure download or sharing, internally or externally.

Offsite Data Protection to Public Cloud with Backup to S3

When it comes to offsite data protection, we like to play well with others. You can backup any Swarm domain or even an entire Swarm cluster to Amazon S3 or Amazon Glacier via S3 Lifecycle rules. You can backup to S3-compliant on-prem storage targets or 3rd-party S3-compliant services too. Want to tier data to an S3-compliant tape system or leverage an enterprise subscription cloud storage service (S3-compliant of course)? Not a problem with Swarm.

Learn More about Swarm 11

Be sure to check out What’s New in Swarm 11 for more details and catch today’s webinar live at 11am PT/2pm ET or watch on demand afterwards. Director of Product Eric Dey and VP of Marketing Adrian Herrera team up to present Accelerating On-Demand Access to Video Archives with Swarm 11.


Last but not least, I’d like to give a big “THANK YOU” to the entire Caringo team of developers, QA testers, and our professional services and training teams for pushing Swarm to new heights in its 11th version. With Swarm 11, we have delivered the most versatile, resilient and effective product in our 14-year history!

Tony Barbagallo
Tony Barbagallo

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