Swarm Object Storage Named as a Top 10 Big Data Storage ToolBy now, saying that “big data is everywhere” may seem trite. In fact, the concept of big data is morphing quickly as people are now starting to talk about big storage and guerrilla data. But in this evolving conversation about big data, a few things remain clear. Data will continue to grow exponentially, businesses and organizations must have the right tools to handle this onslaught of data, and most importantly, those who understand how to extract value from their data will be the most successful.

These are concepts that we not only discuss at Caringo, but that we have been working on for over a decade. We appreciate being recognized in InfoStor’s Top Ten Big Data Storage Tools article. As Drew Robb said, “There are a multitude of big data storage products on the market. Which ones are best? Clearly, there is no simple answer. The many variables in choosing a big data storage tool include the existing environment, current storage platform, growth expectations, size and type of files, database and application mix, among others.”

Webinar: Object Storage Evolves AgainInterested in learning more? Join Caringo Product Managers Eric Dey and Ryan Meek as they bring their experience as developers to an informational webinar: Object Storage Evolves Again. They will discuss how object storage has evolved over the years and the latest developments in the market.

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