Microsoft Azure + CaringoWe live in a world of instant gratification. From microwave popcorn to Netflix, we expect what we want now and don’t want to wait…and our expectations of infrastructure are no different. This is why we are so excited about the immediate availability of Caringo Swarm on Microsoft Azure.

Caringo Swarm users have immediate access to compute for rapid evaluation, disaster recovery, or to appease any time-sensitive requirement. It also means that any Amazon S3 user or any software vendor or organization that uses S3 and wants to move to Microsoft Azure can do so seamlessly through Swarm’s support of the Amazon S3 API. Yes…if you use Amazon S3 and want to move to Azure, you now have an option!

Now, the techies in the room may be saying “Microsoft has object storage.” Well, yes that’s true; however, Swarm on Azure offers a veritable cornucopia of capabilities over and above the basic Azure blob storage—and that’s in addition to the aforementioned S3 protocol compatibility. For organizations concerned about compliance—think doctors, lawyers, and law enforcement—Swarm on Azure offers compliance capabilities like no other.

These capabilities include WORM, Lifepoints to control when an object can be deleted, and chain-of-custody tracking and reporting. And FileFly for Swarm offers a complete “hybrid cloud” secondary storage environment for your Windows and NetApp filers. Simply run the FileFly application on any local Windows Server, then intelligently and transparently migrate files to and from Swarm on Azure, based on any policy that makes sense for your business, such as time last accessed, owner, file type, etc. This is the perfect active archive cloud-based solution for your business. And, it can be that elusive solution to those long backup windows.

Learn-More-ButtonAnd speaking of hybrid clouds, our Swarm Feeds allow you to replicate your local cluster to your Swarm on Azure cluster for the ultimate in redundancy and disaster recovery. For a limited time, you can test drive up to 32 terabytes of Swarm on Azure for free. For more information, click on the Learn More button.