Swarm 9: THE Cloud & Object Storage Platform

Announced today, Swarm 9 brings infrastructure, tenant, and data management at scale together under a single, easy-to-use next-generation user interface.

Swarm object-based storage device and software for long-term retention, active archive, and remote access
Swarm object storage software, content portal and management portal

Today, we announced Swarm 9, and we are boldly calling it “THE Cloud & Object Storage Platform.” This hearkens back to our early days in the industry when we pioneered object storage. Managing the infrastructure for Petabytes of data in and of itself is not overly complex (anymore); however, managing tenants, access, authorization, data organization, metadata search and delivering all this to enable private, public, and hybrid cloud services with metering and quotas can be. Swarm 9 eliminates much of that complexity by bringing everything together under a single, easy-to-use UI that provides (1) infrastructure, (2) tenant, and (3) data management at scale for administrators and end-users. To be a cloud and object storage platform you need all 3.

The primary driver of the need for a robust platform is that storage is moving from just a repository (focused on price and performance) and cost center to a strategic asset focused on enabling data services and new sources of revenue. For instance, one of our most recent customers is a very large research organization that had to scale storage quickly, provide storage services that can be metered for chargebacks, enable search and also the ability to support custom applications. They looked at traditional NAS, software-defined block storage, and open-source object storage solutions and the only solution that fit their requirements was Swarm 9. They can now offer a storage service that is self-funding by charging researchers for the resources they use and they can provide various application integration and data services.

This is just one example, we have hundreds of customers of various sizes, use cases, and industries—from dating sites to major video streaming sites to government organizations and everything in between. With Swarm 9, we took what we’ve learned from all of our installations to make deploying, managing and offering storage services easier. These enhancements include:

  • New User Interface — Provides both hardware and content management. Administrators and end-users can use the new HTML5-responsive UI to monitor usage, specify data protection policies, and search their content with unified access across desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile devices.
  • Quota Management — Manages storage and bandwidth control at the tenant, storage domain and bucket levels via the new UI or REST API, enabling administrative control, end-user self-servicing, and dev-ops process automation—making it even easier to provide public or private cloud storage.
  • Historical Metrics and Trends — Presents Swarm metrics within new UI and through REST APIs so that customers can leverage third-party data analysis tools such as Kibana.
  • Encryption at Rest — Provides industry-standard AES-256 whole volume encryption, eliminating the need to scrub retired or failed hardware before replacement.
  • Metadata Annotation — Allows users to attach structured or unstructured metadata to existing objects without altering the base object.
  • Full Elasticsearch 2.x — Provides an analytics engine designed for horizontal scalability and open access to Swarm’s operational metrics, metering, and metadata. Used through the new UI or with 3rd-party big data tools. (Unlike other object storage vendors, we are providing a completely integrated analytics engine designed for horizontal scalability and open access to Swarm’s operational metrics, metering, and metadata. )
  • Integrated SwarmNFS Management — Offers complete management for SwarmNFS with the ability to define shares for domains and buckets as well as the results of any metadata search.

If you are interested in learning more, join Caringo Product Managers Eric Dey and Ryan Meek as they bring their development experience to an informational webinar: Object Storage Evolves Again. They will discuss how object storage has evolved over the years, the latest developments in the market, and what’s new in Caringo Swarm 9.

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