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Share the Love with FileFly Data Storage Management

FileFly v3.0 management and archival tool for Windows and NetApp filers can move data to Azure, Google Cloud, Amazon AWS and Swarm Object-Based Storage Software Platform.


It’s February, spring is here, and love is in the air. So why not share a little of that love with FileFly? FileFly 3.0 is the latest version of our Windows and NetApp archival tool and it can now be used to move data to Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Amazon AWS or Caringo Swarm Object-Based Storage.

FileFly – Data storage archiving for Object-based solutions

Origin of the FileFly Data Management Tool

FileFly Product of the Year—Data Management ToolsWe launched FileFly in 2016 and released version 2.0 expanding its capabilities in 2017. FileFly won a Silver medal in the TechTarget 2017 Products of the Year Awards: Data Storage Management and was also reviewed and awarded a Gold Star by

Seeing how it helped our customers with efficiently moving data, we wanted to expand the capabilities of the tool and broaden how and where it could be used. Thus, the latest chapter of our of our passion for solving users evolving long-term data retention and access needs begins.

The Next Chapter for Windows & NetApp Archiving

FileFly 3.0 opens a new chapter for our Windows and NetApp Archival product. Version 3.0 introduces features that provide increased flexibility so you can better manage and share your data. Licensing is now measured on front-end usable capacity rather than tied to the Swarm license capacity, so you are free to choose alternate storage destinations for datasets or multiple Swarm clusters. Yes, now you can use FileFly to tier your data to the “Big 3” (AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud) as well as to Caringo’s Object Storage solutions.
file-level-policy-automation-google-cloud-azure-amazon-aws-swarm data storage value flow

How Does FileFly Archiving Work?

Using FileFly’s policy-based tiering approach, you can send “warm” data to a Swarm cluster made up of high-performance hardware while the cold archive data that may never be touched can be routed to a slower cluster for long-term retention.

For the first time, you can have FileFly use cloud targets as storage endpoints along with Caringo Swarm. Need something more to love? Now qualified organizations can try FileFly out for FREE with a 25TB Community Edition. Learn more by visiting our FileFly Product Page.

Putting it All Together

You can have your existing FileFly + Swarm cluster running FileFly 3.0, storing some data on-premise and some on a cloud location. Then, you can trial a smaller deployment of 25TB at a branch office using only a cloud destination as a storage target. When you use FileFly with Swarm Software, our data durability and deployment flexibility provide you with a rock-solid solution for archive.

The Power to Choose Your Cloud Provider

Not sure which cloud provider you want to use? You can use the same server to post some data to Amazon, some to Azure and some to Google Cloud. Since the FileFly license is no longer coupled to the Swarm cluster, you can write some of that data back to your main Swarm cluster from the branch office. Sweeter yet, our end users can still work with and manage the files in Windows or NetApp as they always have.

Watch FileFly in Action

using-filefly-manage-data-azure-google-amazon-swarmFileFly is the solution you need for complete, automated and flexible data lifecycle management of unstructured data—from creation to preservation. Working with both NetApp and Windows filers, FileFly allows you to set policies that guide the level and target of file data movement based on your organization’s requirements.

Join me and John Bell on our March 26 Tech Tuesday webinar at 10am ET/3pm GMT. We will explain FileFly’s capabilities and conclude with a live demo and Q&A session.

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You can bring your questions to the webinar for our live Q&A, or feel free to send them to us in advance at

Tony Lokko
Tony Lokko

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Tony Lokko is a Senior Consultant for Caringo and is based in Dublin, Ireland. Tony maintains, deploys and designs Caringo Swarm Object Storage Solutions and works directly with customers on architecture, proof of concept, production and demo systems. When Tony's not building or maintaining Petabyte-scale data clusters or spending time with his wife and young son, he hits the gym to ensure he can keep up with them.

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